I am a lifelong learner by vocation as much as by profession. Only now do I perceive the deeper values of belonging that have nudged me on my way throughout my life. I seek to evolve and I reach for experiences and reflections that urge me forward; learning as I go, to trust the wisdom of the heart, value intuitive intelligence, practice empathy, collaborate through relational thinking, be-ing part of compassionate community, surrendering to the truth of interdependence, ‘letting’ creativity, and revering the sacredness of the natural world. Embracing these values is as a baby step into a whole new relationship to my identity, my work and the Divine.

This site is my humble and tentative exploration of co-creating a space where I may hold these life moments, experiences and reflections of my own becoming. And perhaps by extending in such a way, find a larger community with which to learn and grow as this becomes the greenhouse of my inner garden where I plant my heart as a tiny seed of grace.

May all who pause here recognize a safe place of belonging and kinship.