A Desire To Be Whole

I find myself really exploring my spirituality and confronting the paternalism of the world in all of its manifestations. For me, there are many injustices that seem to be connected to paternalism. I am wondering about the world’s interlocking oppressions and how spirituality may serve to liberate each of us and all of us.
My religious restlessness, is born of a need for nourishment of what I feel is the wisdom way of knowing that is ancient and deep. Nonetheless, for me it revolves around the eucharist and the invitation therein to live grace and truth which must begin by relinquishing any unjust power I hold and living to transform suffering and brokeness into solidarity and hope. THis begins by acknowledgeing my own brokeness and desire to be whole.
I want to better live this intention for all humanity and experience this intention as the call to emancipatory spirituality.
Perhaps this is just a long way of wondering if there might be something more in this and that in exploring that I might find a path toward self-emptying love and therein, my connection to all that is.

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