The Secret Heart’s Way of Knowing


I have been spiritually discerning for a while and as I strengthen my inner awareness, knowing from the seat of my most secret heart reveals itself. It is from here that I discover more about resting in the divine as found in silence. More about listening, trusting, opening up and most important of all, letting go. These are the resources, the ways I learn to know from my secret heart. It is here that I awaken to all that is real and the nature of love.  This silent language of stillness originates in my secret heart and connects me to my deepest sense of identity within it.

My secret heart allows me to know and perceive life as connection and compassion- to taste wholeness. This invites me into a living connection, a sense of divine presence, blessing and wisdom. It is from here that I seek to move farther away from a spirituality that is about ‘the way’ and closer toward and deeper into a practice with, through and of ‘this way of knowing’.

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