So that nothing may be lost….


I find myself dwelling in the way my attention brings me to awareness, to witness  the many gifts of my life. It seems evident that the closer I attend to the present moment, the clearer the gifts of grace become. And so it is that I notice that as I give my attention to things interior, an intention toward a deeper reality a, more expansive, integrated way of knowing, evolves from the depths of the interior. In a way, my attention generates the space for my intention by opening me toward it. And as my intention grows clearer and stronger in the silent presence and reality of my interiority, it in turn, enriches, expands and directs my attention. All of this leads me to a greater place of awareness from where I glean the interconnectedness of me, others, life and creation. And so, I endeavor to attend ever more fully to this way of knowing as my intention strengthens through the nurturing presence of my attention. Nothing is lost as it is gathered and woven more intimately into my be-ing.

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