I recently attended my daughter in-law’s baby shower and (as the dad’s mother) wondered how I might show my support and love. So, I created a mother’s box for my daughter in-law filled with gifts and sundries for her self-care as she becomes a mother for the first time. From lotions, to massage oils, scented candles, herbal tea and gourmet cookies – my daughter and I created something to commemorate this larger than life moment.

My husband used a fisherman’s tackle box and likewise, filled it with playful and thoughtful self-care items for a new dad. From strong coffee, to burping tee shirts, invigorating shower gel, a parenting book, twizzlers(his go-to candy) and a power mix bag of nuts. This became a father’s box for our son through which to acknowledge this rite of passage.

We presented these mother/father boxes at the shower and included in each a note of personal reflections to each regarding this watershed life moment.

My daughter and I also provided a candle to each guest at the shower with a blessing-thought attached. The candles are to be lighted as the labor begins in support of the parents’ approaching birth journey. What follows is the text of the note we wrapped with a ribbon around each candle.

Light this candle once labor begins to symbolize your connection with the new mom on her journey through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Say a prayer, special thought or mantra and together we create and offer her our kinship, and affinity of belonging. We are here for her – bringing her love and light for her journey.

I closed my note of reflection to my daughter in-law with the following blessing:

May you know the quiet confidence that all will be well and always listen to your secret heart. May motherhood deepen your sense of your own miraculous be-ing and may all that dwells within you blossom into a future graced with love.

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