I have been considering how one experiences time while on the threshold of newness – new work – new lifestyle– new daily schedule… I think at these thresholds one experiences a small sense of temporary isolation. A sense that is heightened by the myriad of changes and demands that are beyond one’s kin – I think such thresholds shake one’s sense of place. Especially given the nearly racehorse pace of life that asks even the most reluctant person to be ‘a doer’. As if by doing one could actually change anything. It is, I think, truer to say that in reality things will always happen beyond one’s control. And it is equally true that all one can really change is the self – one’s attitude and approach.

So, when you are in the midst of lost equilibrium brought on by your particular life’s shifts and thresholds, know that you can, bit by bit, reclaim a sense of calm in the midst of these shifting life moments.  You can intuitively establish sanctuary; inwardly replenish your body and spirit, and outwardly evolve – giving rise to a deeper sense of place. To live in this way, I think it is important to claim your time for time -to understand that nothing is wasted time

As a doer, one also needs to know that resting when tired or worn out, is on the list of possibilities – most especially, during times of change. In being thus, you allow for the possibility of creating small comforting rituals which in turn provide a new rhythm to your days as you are present to your time which becomes your life.

Find ways to enjoy fallow time– an approach to time that encourages a deeper way of knowing to come forth: Don’t just do something. Sit there.


One thought on “NEWNESS

  1. Mary

    Thank you ,Tory, reading this has just relieved me from my guilt for sitting outside on a most beautiful day when I had inside activities necessary for some future commitments.
    Blessings, Mary


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