An Ordinary Autumn Day


This is the time of year and the kind of day that invokes lectio natura- nature as a threshold into contemplation of the divine. Autumn is underway as leaves change color and pepper the ground, and yet the temperatures remain pleasant enough for a lengthy walk outside. The outdoors lure me to dwell in nature and to be aware of the outpouring of creation’s gifts everywhere. No place else is the miracle of be-ing so abundantly clear and present. Moment by moment in nature there are thresholds for entering creation as a present and unfolding moment. Awe and wonder abound as I collaborate in a miniscule moment of the evolutionary process. And it doesn’t take long at all to construe my human self or be-ing as part of that process. Perceptions of nature offer insight into divine relationship to the world, the self and others.

Quality time within nature allows for contemplation of my kinship and community with the natural world and the source of all that is. When such contemplative time is done with respect and reverence it is sacramental. It leads away from a self-centered sense of things to a bio-centric appreciation of all that is sensible. Poets and writers have long celebrated the numinous qualities of ordinary life in all its grandeur. Lectio natura is a true Godding experience when done with attention and intention.

Such moments in nature inspire important questions about the world and its influences on me; thoughts about creation and the divine; ideas about co-creation; imagination and service; as well as, wondering about the meaning of my place in a vast and unfolding universe. Reflecting on these questions is an important dynamic of my spiritual growth.

Omnipresent, are revealing mementos of my contemplation through nature. Every window of my home affords me a perspective, and draws me toward a life beyond this world. It is the random – often times messy – beauty of the ordinary life everywhere that invites me into compassionate relationship with all created things. And all of creation calls me into companionship with the origin of all that is.

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