Heartful Being


For several centuries now, we have overemphasized the intellect. It is fine in its place. It is not, however, the most authentic way of knowing. The most authentic comes from the heart.  ~ Sonia Choquette

We long for something more – we want to understand the great Mystery that is central to life. We want to be-long, be in relationship to something that we sense deep within. Something we know somehow transcends and exceeds the tangible world, or our ability to control it.

Our hearts open us to this mysterious life force – this ground of all being. Our hearts are present to all of our experiences. When we are still and present to the heart’s way of knowing, we connect to an authentic heart-full life – our authentic being.

Seeds of compassion and love flow through our hearts and allow us to witness life as fruitful and bountiful. From this place of knowing, our authentic being, we perceive our deep connection to all around us and our in-dwelling potential to become one with the Mystery of all creation.

So why then is it so hard to believe this – to stop doing life and start being alive to the Mystery – the ground of all being?

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare: it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.  ~ Seneca


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