I have gathered for a while now.

My life is full of awe and wonder.

Wonder at my small uniqueness

And awe at my unity with all that is.

I am but a tiny raindrop in the vast waters of being,

Your precious piece of all that is.


Now as the days grow shorter,

I harvest the sacred grain of my days.

I dwell in my authentic heart and

sense the rhythm of your grace and spirit,

Your precious presence.


I watch the leaves let go and fall to the ground.

They return and their surrender replenishes the earth.

I breathe in and breathe out and I return to you,

Your precious love.


I feel the warmth of inner embers.

They draw me deeper into your mystery.

The power of your loving presence incandesces my life,

Now I fall ever deeper into the ground of all being.




Circles of Trust


These past few weeks have been very busy ones. My training as a Spiritual Director has taken me to several extended weekend retreats. The past three weekends and the one ahead are steeped in working with others – mostly strangers- to create spiritual community. I am just beginning to internalize this precious work with silence and spirit, soulful conversation and community. These days have been rich; gathering in this way in the autumn – often considered fallow time- is inspiring. The weather, nature itself and the respectfully crafted rhythm of the days on retreat, work on my inner world like waves gently caressing the shore. They bring with them slow and significant evolution and change as well as, a natural softening and yielding to emerging energies.

I am in real awe of this work as I both engage in it as a participant, and ponder my own potential to fully give myself to it. It is in light of the beautiful way those who gather heartfully join the process that I connect with the hope nestled within and among us. Entering into community with intrepid sojourners able to willingly work through, with and in spirit moves me beyond words. We gather in acknowledgement of our own imperfection and encounter the mystery and mercy of Love. Spirit and Love are offered and received despite our faults and weaknesses. As a result, we emerge more open and better able to bring what we have tasted to an imperfect world.

And so I return to the ebb and flow of my own daily life with renewed energy and hope that by giving my gifts to this work, I may expand my capacity to love more of this imperfect world. Perhaps, it is imperfection that invites me to serve as a kind of mid-wife to an unconditional Love that is really needed in the world.