Hope Never Stops – At All


During this first week of advent, my family and I pause each day to reflect on all that approaches. These daily pauses encourage in us a disposition of silence, stillness and reverence during this sacred and yet hectic and crowded season. It is our intention to appreciate the divine in silence and stillness; beauty and splendor; inner preparation and waiting; Light; and our own becoming as we unfold toward Christmas and Incarnation.

The winter season shifts – morning, day, dusk, and evening each reminds us of life as sacramental. Life extends toward us the gifts of this moment as we join the rhythm of the universe ebbing and flowing. This rhythm draws us to itself, reminding us that time is not linear- taking us from here to there-; time is a spiral, moving us in cycles of renewal, growth, release, and tranquility.

We commemorate this unfolding with our advent wreath and candles. We sit together each night and light the week’s candle as we share a reading and sit in easy silence together. Just now, we enter the advent season opening our Hearts and Minds to divine Hope.

The advent story reminds us that hope is a very real force that can change our lives for the better and the world around us. Hope inspires us with notions of possibility. Hope opens our minds to wonder and invites our desire to create. In hope, we wonder, we seek answers, we risk to become, we dare to love.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops—at all”  

~Emily Dickinson~

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