“Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.”

I love this quote from Teilhard de Chardin! It is such a wonderful expression of the fullness of presence as our most available source of connection to the divine. There is an assurance and reassurance that accompanies resting in G*d and surrendering to the eternal longing for connection to all that is. For some, this sense is most present while being in nature, for others it is most present with those they love and for others, it comes through prayer and contemplation. For many, this energy is the basis for service. A true heartfelt, symbiotic sense that it is in giving that we receive and in receiving that we give.

Deep feelings of belonging inform life all around us both quietly and noisily, revealing divine presence. Whether or not we open ourselves to its possibility, our world and existence is replete with opportunities to discover this source of living energy that flows through us with us and in us. It is our choice to find real joy by entering this beautiful mystery of life.

So, this Christmas as I lovingly give and receive gifts, I recognize that it is the moments I will have not the gifts I will keep that bring me the greatest joy. It is the having not the keeping that nourishes me. When I unbind myself and make myself completely present, I enter life as I am meant to and life enters me as it is meant to, and this nourishes my soul.

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