The second gesture in the body prayer of Julian of Norwich is ‘allow’. You move your hands from your sides where you have held them in the ‘await’ pose and extend them upward and outward.

To allow is opening your whole self to G*d, it is inviting the living spirit and love to enter your heart. It beckons a keen sense of awareness connecting you to a knowing beyond knowledge that generates love and peace at your core. Allowing as a spiritual prayer practice connects you to a source of courage, strength and faith that replenishes and nourishes your growth.

Allowing conjures the idea of permitting someone or something to interact with you or act upon you in some mode. Normally, you allow from a place of complete understanding and confidence. In gesturing prayer practice, you set an intention of letting more unfold in you from a place of trust, faith and love which guides you to a more unitive appreciation of your self and all that is.

The repetition of the allowing gesture arouses a sense of calm and connection to wellbeing as you momentarily let go of the bondage of dualistic perspective and are simply present to the sacred in you, through you, with you and all around you. You relax into a space inside you that already is – an authentic self deep beyond the layers of personality that navigate our external worldly experience.

This gesture is a vital piece of caring for your heart, mind and body by returning you to spirit – a clear place of seeing as you find yourself more and more in the infinite space within. It is a powerful, prayerful intention to ‘await’ and then gently open to ‘allow’.

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