Accept is the third movement in the gesturing prayer of Julian of Norwich. You fold your raised and extended arms to your center, placing your hands against your heart. Through this gesture you accept as a gift whatever comes or does not come. You accept that you are not in charge. You accept the infinity of G*d’s presence, present whether or not you are aware. In so many ways this gesture is the kinesthetic practice of surrendering to presence; in a sense, renew your relationship in this movement.
You give your openness
freely and receive grace in return.

Seated (or seeded) in your own heart, you set all on this sense of oneness, and in true humility you become aware of an inner presence of peace. It is this energy that sanctifies you within your inner dimension. In this space, you detach the fetters of faults that bind you and connect to your true purpose.
 You release yourself to the ‘all-working will’ and you receive the strength to act, and the spirit that beautifies all and renews itself in creation and you. Sealed in trust, faith and truth you are confirming this with your entire being.

“Set me as a seal upon your heart”. (Songs 8:6-7)



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