The Heart of the Empty Tomb


The heart of the empty tomb is an open circle; entered and exited by him transforming it into a living, moving, spiraling circle. A spiraling circle whose movement is guided forth in, through, and with Love. This sacred process is the ‘revolutionary truth’ of the empty tomb; this divine spiral is ‘a turning around’, ‘a turning from’, ‘a turning toward ‘and ‘a turning on’ – a revolutionary truth revolving in creation through the savior who loves life.

And so this truth – this restoration of creation through incarnation – becomes the fullness of the creator’s intentional closeness to all creation. At the heart of the empty tomb is Love – the eternal heart of the Creator the unending gift of Christ.

The same Love present in my be-ing’s innermost True Self yearning to flow forth. As I accept that life is lived at its fullest and most compassionate, giving itself for the sake of others, I offer my authentic presence to the spiraling circle of the whole (unitive)human story. “This gift, this mercy has been lavished upon us as a result of God in this world and in the world to come.” Thomas Merton

May I learn to know more closely in my heart my divine purpose in life and live this Eastertide more deeply united to love’s authentic presence.

“The great fifty days of Pentecost are an invitation to explore more deeply “the weather of the heart,” to awaken our memory of G*d’s presence and power in our lives, to look more closely at all the rich and varied textures of creation.” Nathan Mitchell


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