Timeless Treasure


Losing Athena, my 12 and half year old German Shepherd, last week provokes memories of other losses of loved ones as is the way of loss. As I contemplate and mourn, I also re-mem-ber the consolations of those who have gone before as I let go of her and Athena joins them.

Having lost both of my parents in the last seven years, I fully recognize their deaths as connected to my own spirit’s deepening. I knew this at the moment they each died, and in countless moments with them that are relived, re-entered and experienced anew since then. Both, as I was and they were in that ‘real time’ experience; and, as I am now and they are now in that ‘imaginal/liminal’ experience – beyond time as it were. This spiraling, evolving sense of each other’s presence is our mutual awakened and aware love. It exists as it were beyond death.

Love’s gifts open my heart’s capacity and infuse new value in past treasures. It is as if these moments themselves spiral beyond the realm of time as I know it, lending an enduring, cosmic sense of kinship and belonging. A kinship and belonging that begins with us and expands well beyond us yet, through us, toward the universe and all of creation. And so it is that our time together emerges as timeless treasure.

The universe only pretends to be made of matter. Secretly, it is made of love.

 – Daniel Pinchbeck


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