Flowers ~ A Random Act of Kindness


Not long ago, I was shopping at Trader Joe’s and feeling distracted by the details of my increasingly busy life. I was mulling the different people whose lives I interact with as a volunteer and pondering it all. I was so lost in such thoughts that when the clerk asked what I was going to be doing with the rest of the day, I didn’t realize he was speaking to me. I became present and shared why I was distracted and that no matter what the rest of the day brought it would be welcomed and appreciated as a true gift. He resonated with that idea, as did the young man who was packing the bags at the end of the counter.

Just as I paid, my cell phone rang and I answered. I was slowly walking out of the store and responding to the call when the young man who had packed my bags tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a bouquet of flowers. I was taken aback and quickly thanked him. Between his desire to duck away and the phone call, it was a brief expression of gratitude.

As I drove home, I nearly wept with joy at the kindness of his beautiful gesture and gift to me. I wondered how he knew that a random act of kindness was just what I needed. I marveled at the beauty of humanity and -not for the first time- considered that there might be some angelic inspiration at play in all of it.

I cannot say but I think of that young man as an angel who chose to buoy me just when I needed it most. I often need to remember to hold things lightly and it is said that ‘angels fly because they take themselves lightly’.

Excerpt from John O’Donohue:

Blessings of Angels

May the Angels in their beauty bless you.
May they turn toward you streams of blessing. May the Angel of Awakening stir your heart
 to come alive to the eternal within you,
to all the invitations that quietly surround you. May the Angel of Encouragement confirm you in worth and self-respect,
that you may live with the dignity that presides in your soul. May all the Angels be your sheltering and joyful guardians.





One thought on “Flowers ~ A Random Act of Kindness

  1. MARY

    Hi Tory. Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your recent posts.   Involved in projects and trying to work out a new “workable” schedule !  Did not feel well when I woke up so went back to bed for a while and read one of my “escape” books and felt guilty for not doing my morning readings and prayers first.  But got to them when I got up from bed, finally !   I planned to answer your “Twelfth of Never” one because it has long been a favorite of mine.  Our wedding was the twelfth of November.  I’m glad you posted the words because I got caught up in trying to play my CD with that song and couldn’t make it work  Then I realized I have to do something to my laptop besides press music (or whatever).  it was my previous laptop on which I played music, not this one.  By then it was too late too do anything, even write to you !   Your post “I will be here” left me sad but with much admiration for your hospice visits.  Taking care of the ill is one  of hardest, probably the most difficult of things for me to do.  When my husband was in the nursing home I could only visit three days a week.  Some of the children always went on a weekend day fortunately.  (When I hear others say of someone else .”she visits   (name) every day or has lunch or dinner with ____ every day…the guilt arises.!) And look what I’m doing going to the Nursing home once a week to bring patients down to the chapel for the rosary followed by Mass.  (I wish they didn’t always have to do the Sorrowful Mysteries on Fridays !)  One of people I bring down always says “Yes” when I go in and ask her if she wants to go to Mass.  So we leave her room and have not yet got to the elevator when she asks where are we going.  Each week now she asks me my name and always responds,  “That’s a pretty name.”  This is part of her decline, a change in her from when I first started taking her down to chapel.   The new blog with the angel thoughts I am going to print out for reading when I need it.  Thank you for sharing.  Blessings and love,  Mary


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