Feelings Nothing More Than Feelings


I am just learning to appreciate the role my emotions play in assisting me in discerning and listening to the wisdom of my soul. As I do, I see and touch once again the unimaginable depths of Divine Love. And once again, I meet my own closed areas, my own fear that I may not be truly worth of such Love. Then through some sacred Grace, I know that this Love is freely given to me if I will just freely open to it. This is the place where the ever-flowing energy of pouring myself out leads me to the place where that same energy fills me, reflecting the presence of Love in everything and every moment if I am open.

So, I am slowly learning to be with my emotions; to be present to my feelings. For these are divine gifts that help open me, soften me, lead me toward my authentic self, free of the protective layers that bind me. Still, I have much growing to do. I get caught up in feeling that I need to compensate for my imperfection. I feel that there is some better way to say it, do it, be it and that I don’t have it. Ironically, having the correct words empty of correct presence would serve nothing and no one. It is my openness to presence or perhaps, being in the ‘correct experience’, that conveys the important message – not perfect words.

Love is I feel, the meaning of existence and it is my heart’s desire to be present so that what I am is what I love. For, what I love breathes life into how I live, what I do and all of this energizes what I emerge to be. I wish to live more fully in the awareness of the outward and the inward movements of my life. As I welcome this ‘all inclusive attention’ I am better able to hold my emotions letting them flow and understanding the gift of feelings as nothing more than feelings. And in this way, I open more fully to Love and Love in turn flows through me informing and evolving me, and the world.

“Sacred books we are, for the infinite camps in our souls. Every act reveals G*d and expands G*d’s being.” Meister Eckhart





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