Quiet Moment of Retreat



It seems somehow appropriate that my return to writing here should emerge as the fruit of this year’s advent unfolding within me. I have indeed been gestating through my calling as a spiritual midwife whose ‘street feet’ or, way of serving in the world ,is as a healthcare Chaplain.

As the solstice approaches, my heart speaks reminding me that light takes many forms; sometimes it is solace in a time of need and other times it comes through as pure grace – forgiveness, unconditional love and the simple, yet deep conversion of the heart.

I hope you will take a moment to enter the quiet moment of retreat above and find solace and nourishment in your experience.

Solstice is always a time of reflecting back on the journey to this moment. A time for releasing what has been and pondering the intentions I want to bring into awareness and cultivate in the emerging light.  As always for me, this includes the simple daily practice of attending to that which prevents me from letting the light work in me and setting it aside.

It is also a time to pause and give witness. It is my deepest hope that in these next days and weeks of writing again I will find a way to share the stories of the people I  companion and the simple grace that flows through being present to our human experience.

Blessings on your solstice moments!