Deep Within The Heart of G*d


This is a sacred Holy Week where I’ve attended to others and dived deeper in my own journey while continuing to seek my path into some kind of rhythm within this contemplative respite that envelopes our days.

Good Friday is intense for me … oh how I struggle with how to express what calls to me … what to say … how to say it…. and deeply wanting to give witness. I want to give witness to the awesome humility of an all suffering, all loving G*d. A Grace G*d who pours forth love. As I watch once more the unimaginable pain and sorrow, anguish, abandonment and agony of the cross, I am brought to my knees.  I cannot get my mind around this and it is only on my knees that I can pause and wait for my heart to lead me showing me the way of love. And for me, this way is deeply rooted in the women who meet and mirror love and compassion at the foot of the cross. This is a manifestation of love being offered and birthing transforming love in return in the midst of darkness. This is a sacred sharing of G*d’s grace received. This is the intimacy and solidarity of love.This helps me to endure this moment of Holy Week. Tethered to Jesus in and through love, these women hold him in a mutual web of love staying with him and each other. This I am compelled to witness, this invites me to hold it within my own heart.  This shows me the way of love and compassion.
So, as the many email invitations to participate in this spiritual encounter … zoom into that support group … arrive to help navigate this Holy Week celebrated at home, I am unplugging … honoring my simple daily practices.  Contemplating and lighting my single candle … a metaphor for my own soul …that burns away the veil …allowing me to see, hear and attend to the ineffable mystery of this sacred time.  I make my journey in solitude within the depths of my own secret heart. I allow grief to wash away my desire to turn away and let it lead me back to what is truly essential.
English Hymn
And when the human hearts are breaking
under sorrow’s iron rod,
Then we find the self-aching
deep within the heart of G*d.

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