May Grace G*d Breathe On You


Hebrew and Aramaic scholars tell us, that in those languages the same word means ‘spirit’, ‘breath’, and ‘wind’.  And, G*d’s name YHWH -pronounced Yahweh – is believed to be too holy to be spoken.  And, YHWH, is comprised of aspirated consonants that, spoken, are the sound of breathing …the same sounds we make when breathing in and out. And therefore, the first and last thing each of us will say in this context is the name of G*d – G*d as the act and sound of breathing…. a beautiful thought to me ….what a generous G*d …. with a name that we can’t help but speak every moment we’re alive. Each of us, all of us, now, always, here, everywhere, awake, or asleep, whispering the name of G*d through our breath.  What an ineffable and amazing piece of Grace ~ G*d with us in the ordinary and sacred experience of breathing to live.

I encounter this ordinary Grace in my work daily… even in the awkwardness of ppe (personal protection equipment) and distancing protocols …. just this week, as I guided the son and daughter of a dying man to touch him, anoint him and bless him as I offered prayers.  Grace permeated our moment on the sacred threshold of life and death.
We stood on the threshold of differing realities … a thin place… and a sacred exchange for certain. G*d’s grace poured forth in an amazing and powerful way. Love in our offering to this man …. his two children claiming him as G*d’s beloved … birthed transforming love in return…. a sacred sharing of Grace received.

For me, Grace is this personal and intimate experience of unconditional, unearned, and limitless love and mercy. It meets me in the sacred ordinary moments of life and never leaves me there, opening my mind and heart to the ‘divine world of infinite abundance’.

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