Balance for me is all about right relationship with myself.  When I live in the knowing that I am not in control of the good or bad things that visit me, my loved ones and others, I experience an inner freedom that allows me to navigate my outward experiences. A freedom to live knowing that suffering and happiness / light and dark are parts of being alive and will arrive in my life to school my mind and heart. And knowing that these experiences come and go and are not permanent states. I am grounded in something more rooted and woven that tethers me to a living source. A source that invites me to be free~ to find refuge in my senses, to return to myself, to this eternal source within,  allowing it to claim and calm me in the serenity of stillness. I am free to be imperfectly me ~ free to see the light and beauty in others ~ free to risk well, or poorly ~ free to enter the world soul first ~ free to live and love this day wholly – holy alive.

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