Deep Meaning and Kinship


When I live in the joy of right relationship with Love as my divine source, it works in me, through me, and with me letting my heart and my passion overrule my ego and analytical mind. It accepts and allows all my imperfection. I come as I am. This frees me to connect with others, inspires creativity, agility in life’s challenging moments, a fluid sense of my being, and courage in my very vulnerability.  Truth, unity through kinship and belonging, goodness, justice, beauty and above all love are my deepest yearnings.  These yearnings motivate my actions – my compassion and empathy for others and ultimately, provide my life’s deepest meaning. Give me the grace to accept your love and to love others as you love me.  May we all love each other into the wholeness of being with the very breath of kindness. 

~ With life as short as a half-taken breath, don’t plant anything but love ~

~ Rumi


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