Coping With What Is


I find myself encountering lots of ongoing change and it invites a stronger flexibility in living with what is.  Whether it is the change in the healthcare field in this time of COVID, or the personal changes involved in living into these shifts.  In order to cope with what is,  I am learning that somedays have to be days of mourning and allowing the feelings of loss or the longings for what isn’t.

At the heart of this is my total awareness of how little control I have and the spiritual practice of accepting what I cannot change and surrendering to a higher power or Godde to feel my way forward.

So I pause, and reach inward for that loving presence and merciful embrace that holds me and sustains me encouraging me to say yes to life and open to the new, knowing Godde is in the new!

Silent God            by Edwina Gateley

This is my prayer—That, though I may not see,I be aware Of the Silent God Who stands by me. That, though I may not feel, I be aware Of the Mighty Love Which doggedly follows me. That, though I may not respond, I be aware That God—my Silent, mighty Loving God, Waits each day. Quietly, hopefully, persistently. Waits each day and through each night For me.  For me—alone.

And so I follow my heart’s path deeper into this journey and I pause to grieve my losses and open to opportunities as I rely increasingly on the Godde of my understanding for support.