A Prayer for Fallow Time


In the silence of our hearts let us give thanks for the gift of this day and pray for the life of the world…

Come, Holy Spirit, fire of life. Guide us into this hallow time where we hush the superficial and allow the beneath to speak. Still our minds and invite a deeper knowing to emerge. Help us to be as unseeded soil resting and reclaiming our inner nutrients. Grant us the space to cultivate patience and attend to the inner life as we prepare for the unknown ahead. Bless us as we gather in all the goodness and light with full hearts, and openness to what the shadows say to us. May we have light to see where we need to go, and your divine grace and guidance to do so. Oh You of many names, look into our hearts and see our longing for peace ~ watch over us!

The blessings of heaven – the blessings of earth – the blessings of sea and of sky on those we love this day and on every human family the gifts of heaven – the gifts of earth and the gifts of sea and sky.