Beginning Anew


Life always begins again. 
The Angel of Earth embraces the seed
And gives unto it Life. 
The kiss of the Angel of Water
Awakens the seed. 
The warmth of the Angel of Sun
Makes the seed grow. 
The little plant bends in the breeze–
The Angel of Air makes it grow strong. 
The little plant is holy. 
It bathes in the Lifestream
Of Eternal Order.

~ from Thanksgiving Psalms of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Holy One, help us to trust that you are present to us in the midst of our ordinary lives as clearly as we are present with one another.  Give us grace that we may yield always to your Presence which resides within us and recognize that we are bound to your Presence which is beyond us.  May we be vulnerable together, move gently onward together, and in the midst of our journeys, share the healing that only comes from letting go and letting You make all things new again. May embracing your Love support and transform us into a source of your healing in the hurting world. May we remember this love today and always. May we live this love today and always!

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