Victoria lives in Exeter, New Hampshire with her husband, daughter and dog Ginger. She is Reiki certified, Hospice trained, an Associate of the Northeast Spiritual Formation Guild, a Wisdom School Graduate, a certified  Spiritual Director (she prefers Midwife) and trained Clinical Chaplain. Tory has over twenty years of experience in education, administration, life coaching and teaching. She has worked predominantly in small nonprofit settings where she honed her appreciation of mission and vision in an organization and developed a profound love of community. Years of working as an administrator taught her about personal limitations and the amazing resiliency of spirit that so many of us long to nurture, even as we endure as captives of ‘the way things have always been’ in our lives and work. Living in community has taught her to respect the potential and capacities of those who live and serve a mission together.

Life’s experiences have led Victoria to an abiding interest in the deeper values of belonging and the concept of be-friending others to collaborate more meaningfully as human be-ings in an ever changing world. For Tory, these values require a clear understanding of androcentric values and paternalism as detrimental to our humanity and our sense of connection to one another, nature and the Divine. She aspires to liberate herself and others from our interlocking oppressions and to relinquish unjust power as it comes to her at the expense of others in favor of a unitive world perspective. This is an intention she holds for all humanity; an intention that individuals and small committed communities further through service to the greater good.

Contemplation through centering prayer; lectio divina, lectio natura, wisdom way, embodied wisdom, the Via Feminina, and Via Creativa are central to Tory’s personal growth. They are also at the heart of her interest in consecrating all the ways we embrace deeper, authentic ways of knowing and bring them to our presence and through our presence, to the world.

Victoria offers retreats and workshops to diverse groups from non-profits to healthcare and church communities. Victoria offers individual spiritual companionship where she combines the usual verbal exchange/reflection process with chair Reiki to connect the client to deeper ways of knowing. She sponsors contemplative circles and a Soul Friends group that meet monthly.