You can email Victoria to arrange a workshop/retreat for your organization or, as an individual to verify dates and times of workshops/retreats for 2017.

You Are Who You Are

What makes you come alive? Are you bringing your engaged self to your work and relationships? Is it time to initiate some changes? Where do you start? Come and work together, with others authentically contributing, to honor the greater good.

You reflect on the balance of your life all the time – reflections about what matters most, both personally and professionally, at every age and stage. This workshop invites you to quiet the noise of ‘busyness’ and everyday demands to listen to what your reflections about your life are telling you.

Through sharing your stories and your work experiences, you renew your appreciation of your life and cultivate your attention, receptivity and responsiveness to the people and experiences that mentor and inspire you. You attend to what gets in the way of being open and perceiving and you realign with your authentic life.

  • experiential exercises
  • reflection questions
  • journaling
  • shared reflection

This workshop can be offered as a full day or half day experience. It is a wonderful workshop for anyone looking to renew through introspective professional development.


Refuge for Renewal

Exploring Sanctuary

Come, rest a while and catch up with yourself

You need a safe place beyond those roles you hold where you are expected to control ~ a place where you need do nothing, except to be open, to rest and to replenish.

You will reveal your places of sanctuary those places where you can leave behind anything harmful to your psyche. Those places where you are thoroughly grounded, and connected to yourself. Places that restore, replenish, and nourish you.

You will re-men-ber what really is important; you will find, name, create, and reclaim sanctuary spaces. Perhaps, outside or inside, private or in public; places to be as the day begins or as it ends, alone or with others.

You will identify the binds that impede fearless exploration and freedom. You will design a personal sanctuary and consider what it means to be or to offer sanctuary to others.

  • Experiential activities
  • Shared reflection
  • Creative images of sanctuary
  • Contemplation
  • Process to support your sanctuary
  • Readings for further exploration

This is a full day retreat. Anyone who simply wants to reconnect with the deeper values of being and belonging would benefit from this retreat.